Friday, June 23, 2006

Chapter 7 (Part 1)

The dinner ended successfuly, everything was just fine, even the evening seems not to end. As we stroll along the walkway of Raffles City, we saw couples holding hands, hugging and kissing like they are all alone in this world. We went to Venom for a drink and dancing. We dance to half a dozen songs the DJ played, including a couple of slow dance. When i hold her breathtakingly close i could felt her breast press against my body, and i feel the effect on me.
I think she knew it but she wouldn't pull away.
We finally make our way home at almost midnight, when we reach Chris apartment lobby, i pull her close to and kiss her on the lips tenderly.
"Chris i love you so..... much, I said as i lift my head and look her in her eyes. where have you been for the past seven years?" How i wish i've meet you sooner." I said as i lean down and kiss her again this time more passionately.
"Sh....., you don't have to say a word, my little girl." I said as i put a finger to her lips as to stop her from saying anything. Because by looking at her i don't need any words to know how she feels.
Being with her has always been my happiest moment. I'm totally lost as to where i'm whenever i'm with her, it is as if i'm in a dream. I never even did realise that my love for my ex has vanished into the air. I finally was able to get over her. I actually never thought that i could ever get over her. She was the love that i once had, and now i'm in love again. Chris has been the most wonderful thing that had ever happen to me. Althought i wish that it will last but deep inside me i knew that it will never last. Will then the pain and hurting come? Where then can i look for refuge? Can't i just hold on to this love? Is this what love is all about? There one day and gone the next day. Well i don't really have the answer, but what i really know is that i'm unable to let go. It's too beautiful that it's hard to let go, even if you knew the ending would be a bitter taste.