Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chapter Three (part 1)

Hi guys and gals Sunday is here again. Well it's time for me to post my story right.. i think there are noting much to say, cause this week is as ever. So i think i'll just post the story. I hope u guys and gals are enjoying the story.

Here i was after three long years of being separated and living alone, i began to feel love again. I think it's love, i really don't know maybe i could be wrong. But it feels like love. You see after my ex i thought i would never again find love. Oh yes during the three years i did dated a few girls, but i did not feel anything, i thought maybe my heart was still with my ex. And now i'm holding hands with a beautiful young girl, and everything seems right. I could really feel the magic in the air and it feels sweeter then before. Is this the way u feel when u are in love? As i say i really don't know, but i think it is love. Well i'm all confused actually.
But one think i know, is that everything comes in a package isn't? In the beginning you'll will feel the beauty of love, that's when Cupid hit u with his arrow. Later on if the arrow dosen't stay long in your heart, then the pain and hurting will come. Well it's sad isn't how good things can never last forever. Maybe there is, i don't know as far as i know it has never happen to me. this will last, i hope and pray that it will.
I reach out for her hand and hold it tightly. The movie was about to end. I was wishing that the movie would not end, but with everything there's always an ending. As i drove past Orchard Road the street were still full of people in holiday mood. Chinese New Year has always been an impact in Singapore as the majority of the people are Chinese. Many foreigners who has never visited Singapore thinks that Singapore is part of China. As i drove we could see a stream of lovers entering and leaving the restaurants and department stores in pairs, just like us. Hands clutching together swinging, and they all seems happy.
When we reach Christ house, i began to feel emotional. Maybe i'm a little sentimental. I switch off the engine and lean towards her and kiss her gently on her lips, with lots of love and compassion. As i slowly pull away i could see the love in her eyes, and the feeling of her tender lips on mine. As we parted i could still feel her present beside me, as if she is still in the car with me. I just hate everything that has to end. I could not wait to be with her again, i can't wait for tomorrow. I love being with her, i love the scent of her hair, the look in her eyes, the feel of her skin when i held her hand or accidentally touches her. The things she said, the idea we shared, i just love everything about her. Being in love is like being in the garden full of flowers, it's like the sound of music that fills your ear with beautiful sounds, if i have a wish, i wish all this will never end.

Well guys and gals i have reach the end of Chapter 3 (part 1) I do really hope that u guys and gals really do enjoy reading my story. And since the holidays is here again, maybe i post the Chapter Three (part 2) on Mayday ok, carry on reading and feel free to comment.
Adious and Syaonara.