Friday, April 14, 2006

Chapter Two (part 1)

Well guys and gals here is Chapter 2 (part 1)
I know it's only friday, but sorry guys maybe this Sunday i'm a little bit busy
Anyway it's better early then later right...

The next morning i woke up feeling good, as though i had just strike a jakepot or had just worn a million dollar in the Total draw. Even the weather seems fine this morning. I switch the radio on and it was playing one of my favourite song, "making memories of us." I hit the shower. I change and went straight for the phone. I dial Chris number and when i heard the ringing on the otherside, i realise what am i doing calling Chris for? When Chris did answer, i almost lost my voice. "Oh hi Chris, how was your morning?" i manage to say after a minute of silent. "I'm feeling a little bit tired , but overall i'm ok thanks for asking." She replied. "yesterday was magical." That's the word, which described the joy i felt yesterday. "Oh yeah yesterday was wonderful, i really enjoyed myself." She said. "By the way do u have any plan for today?" i asked trying not to sound, as if i'm asking her out for a date. "Yes, i'm planning to visiting my uncle at woodlands today." She replied. "Oh i see" i said crestfallen. "How about dinner then?" I asked trying my luck. "Hmmmm...... dinner would be fine, i guess." She finally replied. "So that's it then, let see i'll come by around seven, how's that sound?" i said feeling exicited again. "Oh... ok fine." She replied. "See u at seven then." i said as i ended the call. I felt like an infatuated schoolboy as i put down the phone. Here i was just an ordinary middle age man separated and here i'm pursuing a young and beautiful girl who's my colleague, and i'm already high on happiness. Who needs drugs? i was intoxicated. I realize that's what i'm feeling this morning. I was exhilarated, i was elated, i was ecstatic, and i was......suddenly the phone rang. I pick the phone up "hello" i answered. Serana my ex was on the other line. "Are u coming here to visit your daughter?" Opps... i have forgoten that i had an appoiment to visit my daughter merlissa, this morning. "Yes, yes i'll come by in a while, i'm about to leave the house now." i quickly reply. "You know right that we can't have re-union dinner together, because i've to go back to work." Selina reminded me that we can't have our re-union dinner.
"Never mind we can still have our re-union dinner before the Chinese New Year ends." i replied casually. After i ended my conversation with my ex-selina, i realise it has already been three years, we have been seperated. And to think about it i still did not know why we seperate, and i have never asked. Anyway i quickly got change, had a quick lunch, and drove over to Selina's place to visit my daughter. We talk for a while, she told me about her school and what she has been doing, after that we went to the neighborhood shopping mall to have some ice-creams then we'd some shopping till it was almost four in the afternoon. To come to think of it , i realise i was looking forward to tonight, it's not that i did not enjoyed my time with my daughter, it's only that i still have the hangover of yesterday, and i can't wait to be with Chris again. I have never felt like this for quite a long time. I have already forgotten what is like being in love. I've never thaught that i would fall in love again. Can u imagine at my age 35 falling in love again! it could be a miricale.
I drove back home and took a quick shower and change into my best shirt, when i was ready i look into the mirror and felt happy. I was still smiling from cheek to cheek from the effect of this morning. I felt good and nervous at the same time. I am wearing a blue long sleeve Daniel Hechter shirt and a tailor made dark black pants, with a pair dark blue sock, and a black pair hush puppies shoes. When i took a final look into the mirror again, i seem to look younger, maybe it's because i'm feeling happy. That's the effect of love... isn't

Ok that's the end of Chapter 2 part one.
Hope u are already looking forward to the continue story.
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