Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chapter One (part 2 ) all, well Sunday is here again. I'll be continuing the Chapter 1 part 2 of my journey of love. before u guys and gals read the next part of my story please watch this video which i have download specialy for u guys and gals out there reading my enjoy the title Kiss-because i'm a girl.

Love is beautiful, it's not just sex it is more then that.
Love is about scrifice
Love is wanting the other to be happy
Love is not about oneself
Love is about understanding
Love is like living in a fairy tale land.

Chapter One, part 2
Finally we were in the restaurant at Katong having our dinner. There we were holding hands across the table giggling, talking, laughing, and nibbling on our food. I couldn't keep my eyes off Chris, she seems to be more beautiful, i felt as if i'm floating in the air, and everything is turning round and round, just like we were still in the rollercoaster ride. As i had said it all seems unreal, something has just struck us, i have not plan it this way. I was just supposed to make her happy. It all happen out of the blue.
At the end of the day as i drove her back, i was wishing the day would not end. I felt sad to part with Chris. As i journey to her home, she was sound asleep in the car. As i drove in the silent of the night, my head keep thinking how beautiful the day was, exactly everything seem to have gone the way i had plan, but i have not plan to fall in love with her. It has been long for some years i have not feel love. I thought after my ex-selena i never dreamt that one day i would fall in love again. She seems to have enchanted me.
And i know this will not be the end. First it's the sweetness then comes the bitterness, and that is what love is all about. But no matter how, we have no control over our hearts, and that's what is happening to my heat now. Deep inside me i felt what the hell.. i must as well go with the flow, why should i fight against my feeling, lets enjoy the beauty of love while it's still sweet. Lets forget about tomorrow or the day after, why don't i just enjoy it. And looking at Chris i knew she too feel the way i feel. There is nothing i can do anymore, cupid has just struck his arrow, and it's up to cupid to write the ending.
As i held her graze i only felt love for her, as i gently hold her in my arms as she curl and lean her body against mine. I have reach her place but i wasn't ready to part with her, and i think she felt that way too, as i hold her. I admit i was feeling emotional, i think one tends to when one have to part even though it's just for a short period, it's not that we will be apart for a few day or more. I lean towards her and kiss her gently on her lips. It's a kiss filled with love, tenderness and compassion. In the end, we finally parted for the day.

Well guys and gals this is the end of chapter 1, so don't forget to tune in next Sunday for the continuing story of my journey of love. See u adious and sayornara