Saturday, April 01, 2006

Chapter One (part 1 )

Finally the day for me to post my stories has arrived, as promise.
The title of this story will be "Out of the blue"
You know what? Everybody or every human, guys or gals are all looking for that special love.
I think it the way we are....
But what i realise is that love can never be forever.
The word "and they live happily ever after" is isn't real :-<>
Chapter One (part one)
I was just sitting at the computer table, looking out the window watching the rain falling on the lawn. I was thinking how beautiful would it be if the rain were actually snow. You know falling in big white clusters, clinging together like a drawing in a fairy tale book. I had just broken out of love, and i still feel the sadness in me. Everything happens just like it was in a dream, and out of the blue it's all gone. I wish it would be like a fairy tale story which's always end with "happily everafter"
Let me tell you a true fairy tale like story about love, and sadness of being out of love. Since it feel like a fair tale let me begin with "Once upon a time" on the very first day of our Luna New Year, where everything seems to change. It's funny how things suddenly change. They can alter in a heartbeat. I think that's what happened that day. Well actually i really don't know how to explain it, expect to say nothing feel quite the same. The day started out well in fact it felt so beautiful.
By evening we were in the restaurant enjoying ourselves talking and laughing, eating and drinking, just the two of us. You see this colleague of mine Chris, is a malaysian working here as a waitress at La'Casita Restaurant, where i had just started working for about a month now. Lately she has been feeling homesick because she was unable to return home for the Chinese New Year holidays, and this has affected her performance at work. Due to her poor performance my colleague Peter who's the senior supervisor has been giving her serious grief. Many a time Peter would storm into my office to complain about her, and requested that i should fire her. So i told Peter that i will look into the matter, and if need be i will fire her.
So on that day i was trying to cheer her up and took upon myself to help her ovecome her homesickness in the hope that she will be able work happily. And since she is a Malaysian i have decided to take her out for a tour around Singapore. After all it's the new year and we don't have to open the restaurant. So that very morning i called Chris to make an appioment to meet her at her uncle's house. When i arrive at her place, i saw her expression on her face, that she seems suprise that i was all alone. Maybe because people seems to see me as a happily married man. But actually i am saperated. I know that there are people who wonder about me when i say this. They look at me strangely as if trying to fathom what could have happen back then.
As i glance at Chris i realize how pretty she look today. I've never thought of her as a pretty girl, till today. But i know i have to keep my distance, after all i'm here on a mission to cheer her up.
But it seems i was uable to keep my eyes from moving towards her. She has let her hair down, and she was wearing a long blue silky flowerly dress that clang to her body. Finally we reach at "How Par Villa" we had our lunch there, and went to tour the gate of hell. She seem to be enjoying herself as we walk together. For me i can't help looking at the way she talk, laugh and the way she walk, she seems angle like. She was not only beautiful but sexy too. But i manage to keep my head together and my hands to myself.
What really change everything was during our time together at the Marina South Hong Pow Carnival. The fair was pack with people, some were waiting for their turn on the ride some were trying their luck on the game stall. I was holding Chris hand as we go from one ride to another, talking laughing as if we were a couple. Suddenly everything seems to be going round and round as if we were in another world. I was totally intoxicated with her laughter and her child like ways of things she does. Everything seem unreal, am i falling in love? i kept asking myself or have we be struck by cupid, i really don't know. I cant understand what is going on. Is it me or i'm in a dream, but it felt beautiful as if i was in a fair tale land.