Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 31, 2006 it's the month end already.
But my pay cheque have not arrive yet.
But u know what? I've already thought of what to buy already.
Guest what? You know that Osim zap zap?
Yap that is the thing that i want to buy for myself.
You know why? So that i don't have to do anymore sit-ups, ha..ha.. good idea right.
And another needs that will burn a hole in my pay cheque every month is going to the Pub.
What to do, i really need to look for a partner, who is willing to go out with me.
Well if u know of any gals who's interested in meeting me or making new friends please asked them to email me ok, or drop a comments on my blog.
Sounds desperate right.
No lah i am not desperate yet.
That day i meet this gal in the pub she was so beautiful, i almost spill the beer on my friend.
But u know what she has a boyfriend already, too bad....
Well i think it's time for this lonely guy to log off.
I'll see u guys and gals on the next posting.
Yap i have not forget about my writting.
As i have said in my last posting i try to post part of chapter 1 on this sunday posting ok.
Adious men.....