Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Well I'm here again. Nothing much happens today, and yes I've not posted my writing yet. Maybe I post it this coming Sunday. Today i went to buy the balls for my laptop which I saw in one of the blogs. The sales staff at the IT shop had a good laugh when I asked "Exuse me do sell the balls for the laptop?" She look at me said what laptop balls! In the end I show her the laptop and said the balls that u put under the laptop. Oh.... then came the reply with a cheeky smile. I have decide to go to bed early today so i won't be blogging long. During dinner I saw this plum girl or lady wearing a tine soft little dress which seems too small for her, and I was looking at for a full ten seconds. I could even see the G shape panty she's wearing. Luckly her dress is black or not I can see through it. She really trun me on, i almost stop eating. It's it wrong to feel that u want to have sex with your partner? I wonder. Do girls feel that way too? I think it is nature for guys but i dont know about the opposite sex. I think we human are not mean to be together for a long period. I think setting a law on marriage is deadly wrong. Dont u think so? I think we guys prefer a verity of girls. So forcing someone to be married forever is a wrong idea. Because love can never be happily ever after.