Tuesday, March 28, 2006

wednesday 29, 2006 It seem I've very little time for blogging, that is the reason i think i have to hold back my story writing for the moment. Because writing a story needs a lot of time in your hand, right? Yesterday i was overwelm with work it seems endless. I have this colleague who is my senior and she dam lazy everything she does she needs assistance. She likes to Spencer help with this and that, she can't see i am already overwhelm with my own work, real stupid i dont know how she can be a manager, maybe just because her sister is the boss of the company. Some people have all the luck. I really don't understand being good does not really help, instead people will step over u. But really i just don't know how to be bad. Will somebody help with that? My life all this while have been very boa......ring. Do u ever feel that u are a misunderstood person? How do i sparkel up my life? Is it really lots of $$$$ before someone could sparkel up their life? I really don't know, u tell me. I really seems to have lost my life battles. I seems to feel that i am a looser. All of my friends seems to doing very well for themself, and for me I seems to be not going anywhere. I really envy some of my friends, having big paying job, big cars, big house and beautiful sexy wife, and they are going places. For me i have this stupid job that pay's peanuts, and i can only manage to rent a two room flat from HDB. Some of them have already owning a semi-d. I now really feel a looser. Are there such things as a born loser. I think I'm one of those born losers. Here I'm supose to post my story writing, instead telling u about my losers life. Sorry i hope i could begin my writing on the next posting ok. So i think i will end here see u on my next posting.