Sunday, March 26, 2006

monday 27 March, 2006

Monday many peoples used to say black monday, but today I feel blue, and this is also my first posting. One thing I always wanted to do since I set up a bloging account is to write a book, but I just don't know how. Maybe u guys out there could help read my story and comment on it, and u can be blant if it's fuck tub, please do say so, but if it's good do let me know too.

I think the first story I'm about to write is about love. You know sometimes it's funny eversince we are born we have been looking for that perfect love, with the happily ever-after theme, isn't
Well to tell u the truth there is no such things as happily ever-after.

But one thing i can tell u is this, there are such things as falling in love. But what comes after that is the test to see if u love him or enough, not to change him or her. Anyway i think i have to log off works call.... it's sucks but what to do, so the next posting will be my story, i hope u are looking forward to reading it, bye,bye....