Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chapter 6 (part 2)

My friendship with Chris continue to flourish, despite what Annie had said. We would always have our breaks together, occasionally over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Sometimes we would go shopping together with Annie. Things were still the same as it was before, although sometimes I still feel that i was wrong to love her, but everytime whenever i'm with her i just felt love.
Febuary has always been a lover's month. It's the month for those who are in love and those who are falling in love. It's a month where cupid is most busyiest. But have you wonder about those who are not in love? How sad is it that the lonely are out of place on the month like this. You see that is why people (human) are always looking for that special love. Everyone need someone to love right. Febuary is the month for lovers to show their undieing love for that someone special isn't.
The sun was streaming in the dinning room windows, i was going about my work when Annie came in into my office and took a sit on the chair opposite my table.
"Hi how's thing with you and Chris?" She asked.
"ok, why do you asked."
"No nothing i thought that you would want to end the affair."
"I did tried but i can't just stop loving her." I said trying to ensure Annie that i truely love her.
"If this goes on i think you are going to hurt yourself again." She said "You know that don't you, Spencer."
"Annie, why are you against my love for Chris, i thought as my good friend you of all people should be the one supporting me instead you want me to end this beautiful love that cupid has given to me." I said putting a side the work that i was doing.
"It's because you are my good friend that is why i want you to stop being a fool, because I doubt she love you." She said seriously as she continue. "What i think she is just making use of you to protect herself from Peter, i think you of all people should know better." She stood up and left the office.
I wonder why is Annie so suspicious of Chris? I just can't help thinking. As for me I totaly have no doubt that Chris does love me, and i'm very sure of it. The only thing is that i might be too old for her. I know there is no future for us, but cupid has choosen us to be together. Another thing is that i really don't know how long more can i still live. I think i should see the doctor, at least i know how long more i got. Should i tell Chris about my cancer or should i not? Anyway i should not be think of all this during the eve of Valentine's day.
After work i took the train to Bedok Interchange as i walk along the under-ground tunnel of the MRT station, i spotted young girls sheeplishly clutching flowers, it seem's everybody is in love. I had to weave through all the couples strolling arm in arm. The evening air seems to throb with romance as i took the bus to Parkway Parade. Suddenly i realise i have forgotten about my conversation with Annie this afternoon, instead i could feel the air of love. In my mind i was planning a suprise for Chris when i meet her for dinner this evening. After running about from shops to shops and window to window of jewelrey shops i decided on the sliver heart chain that was on dislpay of one of the jewelery shop, and the good thing is that it came with a free lady's handbag. After my purchase i quickly hail a cab to city hall where i'm suppose to meet Chris for dinner. The cab finaly swing into the taxi bay of Westin Stamford Hotel. My heart was thumping as i went into Westin Stamford Hotel lobby, i just can't wait to suprise Chris with my gifts. I look around the Hotel lobby I'd been here once, with my ex years ago, as i glance around the monochrome interior of the open cafe i saw Chris sitting on one of the table waiting for me. I quickly entered the cafe area and wave at Chris as she wave back at me.
"Hi, sorry i'm late."
"It ok." She replied smiling seemingly happy to see me. "Anyway i have just arrived about five minutes ago."
"Whow, you look very pretty this evening." I said looking at how beautiful she was. She was wearing a black long dress with a strand of pearls, her hair swept up on the back of her head and she looks so pretty, just looking at her excite me. She was the most beautiful thing that ever happens to me this year, how i wish i'd meet her when i'm much younger.
"Are you ready for your order?" I asked as l look at her, i just couldn't stop looking at how beautiful she was this evening.
"Let see i'll have the cream of mushroom soup and for the main course i would like to have the black and pepper steak and ......hmmmm the banana split for dessert, so what will you be having Spencer?"
"Wow, you seem hungry this evening" I said as i smile at her.
"Well i think i'll have the vegetable soup with the Grill Chicken Fillet, and how about trying the Valentine special, the Love Portion?"
"Ok good choice after all it's valentine's day."
After the waiter took our orders, i held Chris hand with my right hand across the table, and wishes her a happy valentine's day, with that i took out the blue velvet box and gave it to her.
"What that for?" She asked as she look at the blue velvet box in front of her and feeling a little shy. "Go ahead open it, it is your valentine's gift."
She untie the ribbon slowly and open the box, when she saw the silver heart chain she can't hardly say a word but keep smilling. "Thank you, it's lovely." She said smilling.
"I bought it specially for you Chris." I said feeling all emotional and i know she is feeling the same. "Thank you Spencer, it's lovely." She said as i could see tears in her eyes.
"You are most welcome Chris, I just want to express my true love to you, and i think this is the right time for me to do just that." I said as i took hold of her hand again.
"I know that Spencer, and i love you too." She said as she tried to hold back her tears the tears of love. "Actualy i wasn't expecting anything, and i'm sorry i didn't get you anything."
"That's ok don't worry about it." I replied as the waiter came with our orders.
"Lets make a toast." I said after the waiter had left.
"To you the girl who made me the happiest man on God's earth." I said as we both raise our glass and took a sip of the drink.
"Well you're a very easy man to please." She replied as she put the glass down.
"Well," I said as i picked my knife and fork, lets eat."
We chatted away as we ate. The restaurant was full of couples like us having a romantic Valantine's dinner. I was feeling quite mellow and calm, i can feel that Chris felt the same, as i look at her and smile. Everything seems to gone the way i wanted and it seems quite a success, the food was fabulous and everything seems romantic. The feeling of love is always magical. It's like living in another world, where only the joy of love is in the air. There are no sadness niether hate, there are only love. That is what i feel this evening.


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Blogger Kristen said...

Are you writing fiction? If so, you have a flowing narrative. I do, however, have some criticism. Because your sentence pattern is in the same manner we speak (subject, verb, complement) then after a page or two the text becomes soporific. Read my blog; I have some pointers.

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