Saturday, May 13, 2006

My Thoughts

Hi Guys, well i have not been blogging for sometime now :-( cause busy month loh... Have all of u been reading the story i posted? i hope all of u are still visiting my blog. Well for today as u can see i will not post the next chapter but it will be posted by tomorrow ok. Today i would like to comment on the recent election result. I think many of u out there still believe that the PAP has lost some ground and therefore it could not call it a mandate. But before i go futher i would like to say that i'm no pro PAP either. 1st u have to see that the opposition has contested more wards then before, so therefore it's unlikely that the PAP could win big. Why u asked? First there is this 20% who no matter what they will never vote for the PAP. Then there are those who face hardship due to their own making and became angry with the Goverment. Lastly there are those who lost their work and are unable to find new job due to their low skill will also be angry with the Goverment. This people are those who will always blame the Goverment for what-ever problem they are faceing. Luckly the majority like me looks for the party who could manage the country. I look for a MP who is able to think for the country and the people. I'm glad that the PAP has done well in looking after the interest of the country. Because with a strong economy we are able to have jobs, so that we could put food on the table, and with a peaceful country our children could be educate without worrying about money, food, strikes or war. They are free to persue their studies. Many people worry about the cost of living, but they forget that without good economy many people will not be able to make ends meet. The rich will say bye bye and fly to another country and leave us the poor to struggle, so do u want an MP who asked u what's your problem and then goes to parliment and shout out your problem or u want an MP who think of the Country and also help u in a way possible. But remember what-ever is your problem is of your doing and not the Goverment don't blame the Govement for what-ever reason they are unable to help u, You must help yourself first. For the opposition they can simply come back to u and say "Sorry Mr so and so i'm unable to help u with your problem because the governing party has block me from helping u, and i have already bring it up in parliment." ha ha ha lol. Finaly i would like to say that the next time u vote, vote wisely. Because a country like Singapore we could not afford to make a big mistake and get away with it. We are not America or nither Malaysia. And all this are just my thought.
Adious and Sayonara.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, fully agree with your analysis of the situation in our homeland.
We are a country with no natural resources but a population of only 4 million people and our survivor depends very much on human talents and foreign investments into our small country . I think our government is trying hard to create jobs for our people and has allowed Intergrated Resorts and Casinos to comes in.

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