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Chapter Two (part 2)

Hi Guys and gals,
How thing man, for me this week has been a pressure cooker but i manage to make it through.
Well i thing i will just continue my story, if it's alright with u guys.

Chapter Two (part 2)
I arrive at Pasir Ris Town at around six thirty, i was early i drove slowly along the street past high rises of goverment apartment blocks. Finally i drove into street 81 where Chris uncle apartment was. The 12th story apartment building looks striking in the evening sunlight. I look at my watch and i'm still early by about 15minutes, so i turn off the engine and sat in the car. When i saw Chris i'd hardly recognised her, she look stunningly beautiful. She was wearing a black This Fashion skirt, which skimmed her knees, a pure white Espirit blouse and a gorgeous Addition jacket.
"Hi Chris" I said as i lead her to the car. "You look stunningly gorgeous this evening."
"Thank you, you are looking smart this evening." She said as she smiles at me while getting into the car.
We cruse through the busy Orchard road, past palm trees, elegant and enchanting cafes and restaurant, and gorgeous building whose beauty takes your breath away. Orchard is the heart of the city. It's the country shopping belt and business district all in one. It's the place to be seen with your girlfriend or boyfriends. Orchard is also a hip place where the latest fashion are on display and paraded by young teenage kids, sitting at Coffee Beans or any of the elegant cafes.
We reach Lido Building at around seven thirty. I parked the car below the building carpark and we took the lift to the third floor, where the restaurant was. We stopped outside a beautifully decorated Yusaisuku Japanese Restaurant. As we were lead into the dinning hall, i look at the interior, it's quite large and beautiful designed. The dinning hall was almost filled with group of family celebrating the Chinese New Year. A chinese waitress in a white blouse with black skirt seated us at a table near the window, looking down at Orchard road.
"I think u would love Japanese food, do you?" I asked as i pull the chair for her.
"How'd u know i like Japanese food?"
"I just guess." I replied feeling glad.
The waitress gave us the menu, and left us to decide our orders. "lets see what would u like to have?"
"I'm thinking of having the Yakiniku Tempura Set and a bowl of chawanmushi" I said after browsing through the menu.
"Well i will have the Mixed Sashimi with a Cha Soba."
"Ok, how about sharing a Sake to go with our food?" I asked after she had decided on her food.
"That sounds good." She replied.
I called for the waitress and gave her our orders, while waiting for our food to arrive, i got to asked her more about herself. Finally the food arrived. We ate as we talk. I glance at her as she continue talking about herself. She has no choice but to come to Singapore and work on her parents advice. In a way it was also to stop her from meeting her boyfriend who's an indian guy. So she came to Singapore reluctantly to stay with her Uncle and got a job. So finally i got the answer on really why she was unable to concentrate on her work. The way she tells it i could tell she'd miss her boyfriend of 2 years very much. But i also sence that her bond with her boyfriend dosen't seems strong althought they were together for 2 years. Althought she did not mention, i think they knew eachother for quite sometime but fall in love with eachother only about maybe around six months. Because if you love someone for almost 2 years the bond is not easy to break, even if your parents object. Thinking about that makes me feel happy. Suddenly i felt awkward not knowing how to respond or what to say. It seems that i was hoping she would forget about her boyfriend. I'm also glad that he is not here in Singapore. See how selfish am i ha..ha..
I actually wanted to know how they meet, so that it will confirm on what i was guessing, about her relationship with her indian boyfriend. But i didn't want her to recall that moment, i just want her to know me.
"Anyway how was the food?" I asked as i tried to end the conversation about her boyfriend. I also didn't want her to see me awkward.
"Not to bad." She replied. "How about you'd u enjoyed your meal?"
"Yes i certainly did enjoyed my food." I replied.
"Do you have any hobby Chris?" I asked so as to quickly change the subject.
"Mmmm.... let see, i like swimming, playing tennis, and most of all which really make me happy is drawing."
"So you must be a good artist"
"Well i tried to be maybe someday i'll show you some of my work, and maybe you can give some comment on my work."
"Have you manage to go out and tour Singapore on your own?" I asked.
"No i've not"
"Not even the disco's or pubs?" I asked again.
"Nope.." She replied instantly as she took a sip of the green tea.
"So.. you must have miss out on a lot of fun.... so perhaps now you can catch up a bit."
"Ya..perhaps i can, since i am here to stay longer then i like to."
"Maybe you could catch up on some fun with me." I said as i smile shyly at her.
"Yap..Maybe" She replied as she returned my smile.
At this i smile back and held her graze and i felt so exhilarated as though i were skiing downhill and i was going so fast that i thought i was actually flying through thin cold air or maybe i was falling, i didn't know. I only knew that i didn't want the evening to come to an end.
"Would you like to have some dessert?" "Maybe an ice-cream?" I enquired.
"That sounds absolutely delicious." She said "But i don't think i've got room for it."
By now most of the dinniers have already left, accept for a few others who are having their last drink. We left the restaurant at around eight fifty, we took the escalator which is just outside the restaurant up to the theather lobby. We were holding hand together, as if we were a couple, Chris dosen't seem mind, and i'm more then happy to hold her close to me. It seems that i really have fallen head over hills in love with Chris. Althought i felt exhilarated, i was also feeling a little afraid. Afraid that all this will suddenly gone, just like first time with my ex. But as i have say earlier i have no control. On one side i just don't want it to end, and on the other side i felt it was not right. Not right because she is so....young and beautiful, and i'm just too old for her.

So guys here is the end of Chapter Two part 2
I hope u guys are enjoying the story.
Ok guys i'm unable to blog much this month cause, i have a project coming up so that will keep me busy for the whole month, but not to worry since Sunday is an off day i will still post the story every Sunday ok
Today i'm unable to go clubing, i'm really dead tired, got to go to bed early boring.... right.
Anyway Adious and Sayonara.


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