Friday, April 28, 2006

Chapter Three (part 2)

Hi guys and gals wishing u a wonderful, beautiful, joyest and happiest May Day :-)
On this May Day i wish i'll continue to be strong and healthy so that i able to still work and provide for my family. Now as promise here is Chapter Three (part 2)

People just seem to think lowly of us who work in the restaurant service. I just don't know why? There are four things that people always asked us. What time do we usually reach home after work? How much can we really get paid? Do we get off on weekends and public holidays? Does it wreck our social life? Sometimes u know i just feel like holding up a banner saying "AT LEAST IT IS A DECENT JOB! I really don't know what's so degrading about being a waiter or waitress? Yah, it's true it's very tiring, and by the time we reach home there is not enough time for ourselves, but tell me which job is not tiring? Worse of all is in the morning u just simply can never get use to it. I just simply can never get use to the early start. It just feel horrible when the alarm clock goes off at nine and your body is still crying out for sleep, and it's even worse when u are feeling down.
But luck was on my side this morning. Maybe it's due to the hangover of yesterday's joy. I lurched out of my bed, went into the bathroom and showered. I spray a little of "BOSS" which was my favorite scents at the moment. I put my usual white shirt match with a black tailored pants with a pair of black Bata shoes. I usually take the public transport to work instead of driving, cause it cheaper to take the bus then driving there. I would usually take the Bus from where i live to the Bedok MRT station and take the train to work. All in all it takes about 30 minutes to reach East Point Shopping Mall where the restaurant is located at the second floor.
As the train pull off from the station, i sat down and my mind begn to turn, thinking of yesterday. It has been a wonderful New Year, i just hope that the year of the Snake would bring me love into my booring and lonely life. I hope what i'm feeling now, is only the beginning of a good year for me. This year has started well for me, actually after the bad news of last year, that i might be suffering from Cancer, but i did not go for the second round of test, which was to confirm if it's cancer. I did not go cause i didn't want to know the answer. I think i have it. But lets forget about last year, anway this year has been good to me. Not only that i have found love, i also got a new Job and everything seems to be going very well for me, and i hope it stays that way.
Normally there's no excitement in going to work, but today it seems ecstatic, like i'm about to go out for a date. So this morning despite my excitement, i felt the usual frission as i entered the restaurant. I usually go straight into the kitchen where Beersampron, the Chef and his wife Katesampron is. As usual they were busy preparing the day's food.
"Good morning, Sawadika." I said pleasantly as i greeted both of them. "Sawadika" They return my greeting with their palm clasping together. Beer and Kate are from Thailand, Beer is a crossbreed from a chinese orgin. He is average looking about thirty seven years of age with fair complexion and his long hair tie into a pony tail, like an italian artise. His wife Kate is a pretty lady with shoulder length black hair, with fair complexion. She has the nature serious look in her eyes. She is the type that will tell you straight if u are in the wrong, no bitting about the bush. But she could dish out delicious dishes that will make u wanting more.
As i began to get down to my work, my eyes keep looking at the time, in anticipate for the arrival of Chris. Usually the staff will clock in around 10am. As the clock reach 9.45 my heart began to beat faster, i just can't wait to see Chris again. "Good morning Spencer." it was Yati.
Yati is a malay muslim girl, who had started work at the same time as me. She is in her late twenty's, with dark tan complexion, married to a dispatch rider. Trock ! the sound of the door opening and there Chris was entering the restaurant "Good morning" as she walk towards my office. "Good morning Spencer" she said as she entered my office to clock in her time card. "Good morning" i replied casually, sounding as if everything is normal, like nothing has ever happen. All this time i was pretending to be engross with my work. Next came Tang Sing, she is also a malaysian, small build with fair complexion, long colour hair and the youngest, and also one of the most outspoken and rebellious. I admit i sometimes have problems getting through her, but otherwise she is ok.
While we were all settle down for our lunch before the opening of the restaurant, Annie came in, she is another malaysian, and a close friend of mine, She is average looking, with a fair complexion, a little too short for her build, but she manage to make it up with high 6" or 7" scandles, i don't know i never asked her before, and she has short shoulder hair. Next came Peter, as usualy he has the sour look in his face. Peter actually look like a sumo wrestler his dark short hair is comb back he's in his late thirty's most of the waitress dosen't seem to like him. The waitress would call him "fat pig" in chinese, which was given by Tangsin. Most of the staff seem to be at odd with him. The problem with Peter is he wants my position, and it has been his ambition to be the next manager even before i join La'Casita. He was disapointed that i was chosen to take over the management of the restaurant, ever seems then he has always seem to be able to find fault on the problems of the restaurant, especially the problems with the waitress. But he never came to me with ideas on how to improve the restaurant business. Finally the one who's always late is Firan, he is a malay muslim guy in his mid-twenty's. He's a handsome with a dark complexion, medium build, a little chubby, he's the captain of the restaurant.
"Sorry Spencer, i'm late." Frian apologies as he saw me, and went straight to the men's toilet to get change. Well he has always been late, ever seems i started working here. When Frian came out of the toilet Peter started to throw one of his little fits.
"Wah very early, ha...... Peter shouted out Why must u always be the one late ha...? Peter continued "Look Frian i've told u before and i'm going to tell u this for the last time, the next time u late again, i'm going to give u a warning letter."
The lunch crowed will start pouring in at around 12.30am and everybody was going about their work.
It was around two thirty in the afternoon when the lunch crowd start to fade away, this is the time when the staff would discuss on what to do on their three to five thirty break. Some would go shopping others would catch up on their sleep. For me I would usually catch up on my sleep, and sometimes I have to make a trip to the main office to submit the daily reports and others. However, today I need not go to the main office, but my mind was with Chris. I went over to Chris and asked her in a very casual way as if we long time friends who would usually go out together during the break.
“Chris, do u have any plans for this afternoon?”
“Well I was thinking of going to Tampanise Mall to window shop”
“Alone, isn’t Annie joining u?” I asked again.
“Nope, cause she needs to go back home to do her laundry.”
“Oh I see, could I join u then.” I said trying not to sound too eager.
“That would be nice.” She replied with a smile, as if she is trying to read the reason that I would want to be with her. Just before I was about to go out with Chris the office phone rang so I went over to the bar-counter and answer the call, and to my surprise, the call was for Chris, on the other end is a guy sounded Indian and i immediately knew that was Chris boyfriend, I hesitated for a moment, but decided to call Chris to answer the call. When I saw the reaction on her face, when she answered the call, my heart sank. I just do not know how to describe the feeling. It was a full three minutes when she put down the phone. The joy on her face, tell me that I should not break up their happiness, I was about to tell Chris that I think I would not join her to Tampanise Mall, but before I could arter a word, she grab my hand and said. “Come let get going” like a child pulling her father to bring her to a playground. You know one thing about her is that she has that innocent child like yet she is all women. That is the thing I do liked about her, she seems to bring joy to me whenever we are together.


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